What Are Microgreens?

Microgreens are made from greens that have been harvested just seven to 14 days after germination.

The result is a much smaller green, typically between one to three inches tall, highly concentrated nutrient profile and with a more intense flavor . All of the vitamins and minerals you’d find naturally in the full-grown plant or herb is packed into these tiny versions.

This means that just adding a small amount to salads, dips or smoothies can instantly boost the nutritional value! Although most often used as a garnish to add a splash of color to the plate, they can also take center stage as a main ingredient in dishes like salads.

These tiny greens should not be confused with sprouts. This involves sprouting seeds by soaking them in water to germinate.

These tiny greens can come from just about any type of vegetable or herb, making them an incredibly versatile dietary addition.

Micro greens we will be growing are;

Broccoli, carrot, pea, mixed salad, radish, beet, sorrel, arugula, cilantro.